About us

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A Little About Me: I am a female entrepreneur with very ambitious goals! I started Sunray Clothing as a way to follow my dreams and travel. Starting a business was a way of freedom for me to get out of the 8-5 world and start doing what I'm passionate about. Who says you can't work hard and be eating at a beach cafe in Thailand at the same time??

About Sunray Clothing: Sunray Clothing is a mix of all of my Etsy/Amazon designs all put into one website! As I am currently the only web designer/product designer, the Sunray Clothing site is always changing and growing. New designs are added every week (sometimes 100's of items at a time). Orders ALWAYS come with a tracking number, so you can be sure you will receive your order. Custom designs and ideas are welcome! Please email if you have anything specific you'd like one a product.