There Is No Plant B!

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What?! There is no plan to live on a different planet?? 
That's right, you heard it here first, no alternative planet will be coming to our rescue. We have 1 planet and we decide our future on it. I will repeat: We decide our future on it
The earth is BILLIONS of years old. It has gone through numerous ice ages and continent changes (think Pangaea). The Earth is destined for more changes, but are we accelerating the process? All of our mounds of rubbish, plastic and oil in the oceans, air pollution cannot have a positive impact.
In recent times, we look towards politicians to implement laws and regulations to help control our environmental impact. I believe, that is the mistake. Every person on this planet needs to take the initiative to think about our future. In hindsight, we are on this Earth for a short time (give or take 90 years). 90 years of polluting and wastefulness, and now multiple that by 7.5 billion people. 
You might think "1 person can't change the effects that have been snowballing for the past 100 years" and you would be right. But if even half of the 7.5 billion people in this world make changes, it just might. It can start with you. Be a positive impact to your friend group, neighbors and family. 
Here at Sunray Clothing, we try to have the most positive impact we can! Sustainable clothing, 100% recyclable packaging and an environmental friendly press. Purchasing from us, can be the first step in your fight to stay on this planet! ;)  

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