Small Businesses Appriciate You!

Posted by Kaylee Jankauskiene on

There is such a drive in America (and around the world) to buy clothes/food/hand made goods from small business, like us! Even before Covid-19, there has been a shift happening. Larger companies are not appealing to the masses anymore. 

Most of us know of a family member or a friend who has started a business. Just as we are rooting for them to succeed, we feel a connection with other small businesses to succeed.

Small companies appeal to our humanity. It's in our nature to help.

Small businesses reciprocate in kind (or atleast we do)! We put so much love into the designs we create, t-shirts we make and orders we fill. You just can't get that from a larger scaled company that has assembly lines or machines doing the work. 

Small businesses appreciate you, more than you know! With out you, many of us with dreams of owning a business, would not have the opportunity to see our vision come to life.

Be someone that brings hopefulness to small business owners in this unpredictable world!



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