Making A Statement!

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Fashion has always been an avenue to make a statement.

For example, take the 90s! Are you grunge? Are you preppy? The first impression somebody had of you were your clothes!

Fast forward to the 2000's and most people have tattoos, piercings, and crazy hair styles that add to that first impression.

Today, we have an even more drastic approach to not just make an impression but to let everyone know our beliefs/personality by first glance. Statements on our clothing!

Slogans for campaigns and companies have always been around...but now every individual can broadcast their opinions on their chest. It is a powerful way to get a message out there. 

 Whether it be a joke on your chest, a statement about veganism, an anti-war statement, or a coffee quote, these statements say a lot about who you are!

We live in such an exciting time with social media, that it's easy to write or video our thoughts and make an impact. I believe that having statements on your clothing is just as powerful! When you wear it in public, it's like you're sending a DM to everybody you pass! 

Have a statement in mind but don't see it on my store? Comment or email me at: I would love to make a custom order and help you make your statement! 





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