Sunray Clothing's Humble Beginning

Posted by Kaylee Jankauskiene on

Hi! First off, I'm Kaylee (with the funny last name)!

Writing to you from the woods in Morrison, IL where the magic happens (order fulfillment, of course). 

As this is the first (of many) blog posts, I should probably start from the beginning and a bit of my life story (it's complicated).

This is me in a hostel in Thailand: 


(thought you'd appreciate a photo of me in my natural habitat)

Sunray Clothing came about with the intention of travelling and personal growth. I always knew I wasn't a 9-5 girl (nothing wrong with it, just not for me) and creating my own brand seemed like an achievable goal. 

Personally, I was going through a difficult time (like most girls in their early 20's) and dreaming of becoming a successful business owner really gave me a positive direction. I pretty much willed into existence my Etsy stores and started selling! 

Oh, by the way, the year was 2016. Between my first sale and now, I've travelled to over 10 different countries and have been totally living in the moment! This website (along with selling on Etsy, Amazon & Ebay) has given me the life I always knew I wanted but wasn't sure how to get there. 

I'm slowly, but surely, refining my store and (obviously) starting this blog 2 years after the beginning. All the travel has certainly lit a fire under me (figuratively, promise I'm not on fire right now) and I'm super motivated to share my story and keep branding and rebranding and rebranding my store as I rebrand myself! 

I've also started an Instagram: @sunrayclothing   (maybe there is a way to add my link? I'm new at this!) 

Please show some love! 






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  • Hey Kaylee you are a beautiful and funny human being, miss your funny face. (long way from Waitrose!) wishing you all the luck in the world. XX

    Karen McVey on
  • Proud of all you have done. Will look forward to your blogs.

    Phyllis Rogers on

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